Components in a vessel can be turned on and off automatically by environmental conditions. The set of component changes is stored in scripts, and a simple editor UI is provided. When a specified change in conditions is detected, the relative script is executed on a vessel. This works transparently for loaded and unloaded vessels.


A script represents a list of state changes for all vessel components. Each component can be set in one of three states: don’t care, on or off.


There is a simple graphical editor for the scripts conditions. It can be opened by clicking on the auto icon in the Monitor UI. Click on the arrows in the panel title to select one of the scripts. Then click on the components to change their state. Components states can be manually controlled by using the direct control page.

Direct control

The Script editor UI can also serve as a simple way to change the state of single components without clicking on the part first. This works even for unloaded vessels. The state of each component is also reported. This is not that informative usually, but can act as a sort of summary of the overall vessel status.


Scripts are triggered by the following conditions.

landed vessel state switched to landed
atmo entering the atmosphere
space reaching space
sunlight star returns to visible
shadow star gets occluded
power_high EC level goes above 80%
power_low EC level goes below 20%
rad_low radiation goes below 0.02 rad/h
rad_high radiation goes above 0.05 rad/h
linked signal is regained
unlinked signal is lost
eva_out going out on Eva
eva_in coming back from Eva
drive_full drives are at 90% capacity
drive_empty drives are below 10% capacity
action[0-5] press [0-5], on the active vessel

Supported modules

Only these modules are supported by the automation system.

Antenna Extend/Retract
Experiment Enable/Disable
Emitter Enable/Disable
Gravity Ring Enable/Disable
Greenhouse Enable/Disable
Harvester Start/Stop
Laboratory Start/Stop
Process Controller Start/Stop
ModuleDeployableSolarPanel Extend/Retract
ModuleGenerator Start/Stop
ModuleLight (and some derivatives) Turn on/off
ModuleResourceConverter (and some derivatives) Start/Stop
ModuleResourceHarvester Start/Stop
SCANsat Start/Stop scanning