The settings for Kerbalism are stored in the GameData/Kerbalism folder and are in the Settings.cfg file.

These settings can be used to select a profile, enable/disable features, fine-tune the environment etc, and customize the UI.

Profile name of profile to use, if any default
Reliability enable/disable component malfunctions and critical failures true
Deploy enable/disable the addition of EC cost to ExtendRetract modules true
Science enable/disable science data storage, transmission and analysis true
SpaceWeather enable/disable coronal mass ejections true
Automation enable/disable controlling vessel components using scripts true
SurvivalTemperature ideal living temperature in K 295
SurvivalRange sweet spot around survival temperature 5.0
IdealLivingSpace ideal living space per-capita in m^3 40.0
ComfortFirmGround firm-ground comfort factor 0.4
ComfortExercise exercise comfort factor 0.2
ComfortNotAlone not-alone comfort factor 0.1
ComfortCallHome call-home comfort factor 0.1
ComfortPanorama panorama comfort factor 0.1
PressureFactor pressurized modifier value for vessels below the threshold 10.0
PressureThreshold level of atmosphere resource that determine pressurized modifier status 0.9
PoisoningFactor poisoning modifier value for vessels below threshold 0.0
PoisoningThreshold level of waste atmosphere resource that determine poisoning modifier status 0.02
HumidityFactor humidity modifier value for vessels below the threshold 1.0
HumidityThreshold level of atmosphere resource that determine humidity modifier status 0.95
ShieldingEfficiency proportion of radiation blocked by shielding (at max amount) 0.9
StormRadiation radiation during a solar storm, in rad/h 5.0
ExternRadiation radiation outside the heliopause, in rad/h 0.04
StormMinTime minimum interval between storms over a system, in seconds 2160000
StormMaxTime maximum interval between storms over a system, in seconds 8640000
StormDuration how long a storm last once it hit, in seconds 21600
StormEjectionSpeed CME speed in m/s 1000000
ScienceDialog keep the stock science results dialog around true
QualityScale scale applied to MTBF for high-quality components 4.0
CriticalChance proportion of malfunctions that lead to critical failures 0.25
SafeModeChance proportion of malfunctions fixed remotely for unmanned vessels 0.5
IncentiveRedundancy if true, each malfunction will increase the MTBF of components in the same redundancy group false
EnforceCoherency detect and avoid issues at high timewarp in external modules true
TrackingPivot simulate tracking solar panel around the pivot true
HeadLampsCost EC/s cost if Eva headlamps are on 0.002
DeathReputation reputation to remove in case of death 100
BreakdownReputation reputation to remove in case of breakdown 10
StockMessages use the stock messages instead of our own message box false
MessageLength duration of messages on screen in seconds 4
LowQualityRendering use less particles to render the magnetic fields false
UIScale scale UI elements by this factor, relative to KSP scaling settings 1.0
UIPanelWidthScale scale UI Panel Width by this factor, relative to KSP scaling settings 1.0